What advantages have farmers who have tried AgroPaper® found?
roberto neiker

Within the framework of the international LIFE AgroPaper® project, focused on reducing the use of plastic mulch in agriculture by replacing it with mulching paper, dozens of interviews have been carried out with different farmers from different Autonomous Communities with the aim of finding out the situation of the sector regarding the use of agricultural mulch, the options and the predisposition to move towards plastic-free agriculture.

In addition, interviews were conducted with farmers who have tested the use of this 100% biodegradable and compostable agricultural mulch.
Among the main advantages is that “this paper has proved to be a good solution for adventitious control“. In addition, it has been found that “this mulch works in all scenarios but not in cold temperatures”.


Further advantages have been highlighted:

  • It allows a much better maintenance of biodiversity and sustainability associated to crops.
  • In the agronomic aspect, it is necessary to look for coexistence and the advantages of use – for example in summer climates. This paper can allow more productivity than plastic, especially in summer, but not in winter.
  • There is a perceived reduction in fungal diseases and soil diseases.
  • Considering the cost of the paper and with improved management, its use could be generalised among the productions that use agricultural mulch.

AgroPaper®, a paper that is fully compostable

AgroPaper® is fully compostable in the field under different environmental conditions, complying with EN 13432. In addition, it guarantees optimum temperature control so as not to overheat the crop, unlike what can happen with polyethylene. And on the other hand, the total handling costs are lower, as the paper is fully compostable, which means a small contribution of organic matter for the benefit of the soil.

This project is financially supported by the LIFE programme of the European Union under the reference: LIFE 19 ENV/ES/000404.