The partners participating in LIFE AgroPaper® meet in Pamplona to monitor the progress made in the validation tests of the use of this agricultural paper mulch in different crops and climatic conditions.

LIFE AgroPaper® is a European project that aims to replace the plastic mulch used in agriculture with biodegradable and compostable paper mulch, demonstrating that it can be a valid and sustainable solution for the environment and the production of different crops. The initiative is supported by the European Commission (55% funded) and involves 6 partners from two EU countries, Spain and France.

“To confirm that the paper mulch works properly, the paper is being tested on several crops over several harvests”.

On the occasion of a follow-up to check the progress of the actions, the member partners have met for a new follow-up activity. They discussed topics such as:

– The crops that have so far used AgroPaper® and the climatic conditions that characterise each of them, by three of the members: Florette Ibérica, AN Group and Floréale Holding.

– The CEBAS CSIC tests, to evaluate soil fertility in the test soils and the effectiveness of AgroPaper® in relation to the yield of each of the crops tested in comparison with conventional mulch, analyses that will be the focus of the last year of this project.

– The modifications that, according to the tests, Smurfit Kappa Sangüesa may introduce to the paper to better adapt it to the needs of the producers.

– SEAE will ensure that this type of paper complies with the ecological and agricultural input regulations.

The next phase of this project will focus on promoting AgroPaper® as an ecological and sustainable product for farmers who wish to farm in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

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