LIFE AgroPaper® publishes guidelines for farmers to learn how to lay paper mulch

If you want to stop using plastic on your crops, you no longer have an excuse! LIFE AgroPaper® provides you with this manual with all the details you need to know how, where and when to use this paper mulch. You already know why: towards a plastic-free agriculture!

The european LIFE AgroPaper® project is a clear commitment to a more sustainable agriculture, which decides to reduce the use of plastic mulch by replacing it with paper. For this reason, throughout the development of the project, the different partner entities have worked on the production and demonstrations of different types of paper, in different climates and with different crops, in order to be able to transfer the best conditions for its application.

Also, different types of machinery have been tested for its application, achieving (thanks to the agreement with the Italian agricultural machinery company FORIGO ROTER ITALIA) the adaptation of a mulching machine for the application of this paper mulch, with very favourable results.

In order to compile and present this information in an attractive and practical way, LIFE AgroPaper® has prepared practical, understandable and very useful guidelines for all those farmers who decide to try and use this 100% biodegradable and compostable paper mulch. 

Guidelines contains the following sections:

  • Advantages of mulching with AgroPaper®
  • How to choose the paper that best suits your reality: type, crop, climate, irrigation or not…
  • Installation Instructions
  • Recommended installation tools 
  • Where to find AgroPaper® and technical advice 

Guidelines, available in English and Spanish, can be downloaded from the LIFE AgroPaper® website or from any of its social networks. AgroPaper® is thus presented as an ecological and sustainable product for farmers who wish to cultivate in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

This project is financially supported by the LIFE programme of the European Union under the reference: LIFE 19 ENV/ES/000404.