LIFE AgroPaper® is a project focused on replacing plastic mulch used in agriculture with biodegradable and compostable paper mulch. The project aims to demonstrate that paper mulch is a sustainable solution for the environment, thus helping to preserve the planet.

The benefits of using AgroPaper® include:

  • Environmental benefits related to the replacement of plastic mulch with paper to avoid CO2 emissions.
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of using sustainable mulching materials, such as the full compostability potential of paper, with consequent environmental benefits.
  • Economic benefits, e.g. of particular relevance in organic farming. The possibility to use fully sustainable mulching materials will provide farmers with new business opportunities.
  • Social benefits such as the positive effect on consumers’ health, as its potential aims to free soils from microplastics and thus, indirectly, ensure the production of healthier vegetables and fruits.
    The LIFE AgroPaper® consortium consists of 6 partners (Smurfit Kappa, AN Group, Floréale Holding, Florette Ibérica, CEBAS – CSIC and SEAE) ) members from 2 EU countries (Spain, France). All of them together will ensure that the project is carried out correctly and that the results obtained will be disseminated at European and international level.
    The development of this European project – Towards to zero plastic soil management agricultural practices – LIFE AgroPaper® (LIFE 19 ENV/ES/000404) – is possible thanks to the financial support of the LIFE programme of the European Union.